Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Your marriage is definitely something to celebrate. Whether you’ve made it one year or 51 years, renewing your vows makes celebrating your marriage a little more special. Holding a vow renewal ceremony lets the world know that your vows you once took are precious to you, and you’d take them all over again and convey your commitment to each other after all these years.

The Rand-Bryan House is the perfect setting to hold your vow renewal ceremony in Raleigh, NC. We can hold your ceremony indoor in our beautiful sunroom, or let the Southern trees provide the perfect rustic backdrop for an outdoor vow renewal ceremony in our garden.

Indoor ceremonies can accommodate up to 100 guests, while outdoors can accommodate 200+.

The special thing about a vow renewal ceremony is that anyone can officiate it. Since it’s not a legally binding ceremony, you can have children, parents, friends, or anyone else perform your ceremony. Vow renewals are traditionally smaller than wedding ceremonies; usually just close friends and family. However, The Rand-Bryan House can fit any size guest list you want.

Hold Your Ceremony at The Rand-Bryan House

When you’re looking for the perfect venue for your vow renewals in Raleigh, NC, look no further. Book your ceremony today!