A bridal parlor that’s picture perfect!

A special part of your wedding day photography will be in the bride’s dressing room. Our bride’s parlor provides a pretty setting with attractive furniture, mirrors and beautiful lighting. Recently, after photographing a wedding at the Rand-Bryan House house, Ryan Midgett Photography blogged about how important this is. When Jocelyn described the ideal room, she pretty much described our venue—” a beautiful room to get dressed in with an attached bathroom, lovely tall windows to allow for plenty of natural light, carpet that is a neutral color or better yet hard wood, a full length mirror, beautiful furniture, and plenty of room for you and your bridesmaids various bags and champagne”.

She also points out that “natural light is always going to be a priority- having decent sized windows preferably that face the sun during the time you will be married is ideal especially for capturing close ups of you by said window.” and “having great furniture is a good bonus because I can get some truly gorgeous shots of you that just won’t shine the same if you are sitting on a brown metal folding chair although we will make it work! Ideally there is a nice couch or large chair.”

To read more on this and see some of Ryan and Jocelyn’s photography too, visit Ryan Midgett Photography’s blog.