We know you love food trucks, but have you considered them for your wedding? If you’re imagining a fun, outdoor party vibe, a food truck is a creative catering option that could be perfect for your big day.

The food truck scene has exploded in recent years. Now, you and your guests can experience gourmet food and sample a wide variety of cuisine from mobile trucks. The quality of food that these trucks offer, along with their convenience, has also made them a unique and festive addition to wedding weekends. They are the perfect catering solution to provide freshly prepared food at a relaxed outdoor wedding. If you are considering using a food truck at your event, here are some factors to consider:

The Type of Food You Want to Serve  

Because food trucks have relatively little kitchen space to use, they typically offer a smaller menu. That means that you may want to consider a truck option that appeals to the most people. 

If you like the idea of a food truck, but aren’t sure of the logistics surrounding the meal, consider serving dessert from a truck instead! There are endless options for sweet treats or savory snacks during your reception. Fortunately, there are any number of specialty trucks to choose from so it is just a matter of deciding how you want to utilize the truck during your wedding. Planning a fall wedding? Hot coffee and donuts perfectly complement a cool fall evening. Looking at warmer months? Ice cream always makes for a fun and memorable treat!

The Size of Your Guest List

Larger weddings may require more than one truck to accommodate all the guests. Be sure to clearly communicate with the food truck company and the venue to determine the right number of trucks based on your guest list. Less time waiting in line will mean more time for you and you guests to socialize and dance! If you love the idea of food truck fare but don’t want your guests to wait in line, some food trucks will even serve the food directly to guest tables or to a buffet at the reception.

Special Requests

The food truck company may be willing to incorporate some of your favorite ingredients into their existing menu. If you want your food to match your themed wedding or you want to take advantage of seasonal flavors, be sure to speak with the company. They may be able to offer some flexibility and customize the menu for your wedding. 

Parking and Logistics

Access to electrical outlets and ample parking are important factors when planning to incorporate a food truck. You can work with your venue and the caterer to find the perfect place to park the truck,  then the caterer can take it from there. However, you will want to double-check and see if they require any other special considerations. 

At the Rand-Bryan House, we have helped many couples incorporate food trucks into their wedding. Our spacious grounds provide several locations that are perfect for using a food truck. There is plenty of room to accommodate one or more trucks. In addition, we have already established strong working relationships with area food trucks, which makes it even easier to book an experienced company that is familiar with our venue. To learn more about this catering option and the Rand-Bryan House, contact us today.