While you might have always pictured a large wedding, a smaller, more intimate event provides a long list of benefits, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Instead of continuing to postpone your wedding until things return to normal, why not make the best out of the current circumstances? By making some adjustments to your plans and downsizing your wedding, you and your guests can safely enjoy a beautiful ceremony. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider an intimate wedding.

1. Protect Your Friends and Family

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to COVID-19. There is no way to know when restrictions will be lifted and what life will look like once business returns to normal. People in high-risk categories will probably still be avoiding travel and large group gatherings. Hosting a smaller wedding can help limit risks and help you do your part to keep everyone safe. Learn more about planning a wedding with Covid-19 in mind.

2. Stretch Your Budget Further. 

Fewer guests can mean lower costs, especially when it comes to reducing amounts of food, alcohol, and decor (linens, centerpieces, florals, etc). Even if you can swing a higher budget, consider the difference in your experience and your guests’ experiences if you were to use a similar budget to treat your limited guests to a more elaborate experience. You can splurge on favors, alcohol, catering, and other details. Instead of trying to cut corners to accommodate a large guest list, you can go all out on your closest friends and family and make it a truly unique experience for everyone involved.

3. More Quality Time with Guests

A wedding can feel like a real whirlwind. With lots of guests vying for your time and wanting to share their congratulations, you may find yourself spending more time talking to your dad’s college roommate than your favorite aunt. An intimate wedding will allow you to do away with the receiving line and actually spend time talking, dancing, and really enjoying the companyof your guests.

4. Actually Dance!

You have spent months crafting playlists, deciding on menus, and picking out decorations. Now is the time to actually enjoy your party and soaking in those details you so carefully planned. Enjoy your own cocktail hour,hit the dance floor, snap a pic in the photo booth, or do whatever activity you like tomake the most of your day.

5. A More Intimate Wedding

Not everyone is comfortable getting up in front of large crowds and pouring out their heart. For some couples, big weddings can end up feeling like a performance and may be a bit anxiety-inducing. A smaller ceremony can remove some of the pressure and feel more authentic and personal.

6. You Will Know All Your Guests

Not only will you know everyone by name, you will have a good idea about what they will enjoy when it comes to food, decor, music, etc. You can add special songs to the playlist to give your guests a treat, incorporate personalized favors, and stack the menu with foods that you know your guests will appreciate.

7. Create Less Waste

An intimate wedding will naturally generate less waste for a more eco-friendly event. It is a simple way to do your part to be a more conscientious consumer.

As everyone continues to adjust their lives in response to COVID-19, it is important to remember that sometimes making changes can yield unexpectedly positive side effects. You may have been envisioning a big wedding, but with so many advantages to hosting a more intimate wedding, you may find that you are much happier after some downsizing. Both you and your guests will enjoy a totally different experience that will create lasting memories.

For help planning your wedding, contact the team at the Rand-Bryan House. We can accommodate different size wedding parties, provide indoor and outdoor spacesand help you take care of all the details.