Traditionally, Saturday weddings have been the standard, but more and more couples are realizing the benefits of holding their wedding on a Friday. While this might be slightly unconventional, celebrating your wedding on a Friday comes with some practical perks that make it worth breaking tradition. Learn more about why you should consider a Friday wedding:

Save Money

Wedding venues and vendors often charge a premium for Saturday services because it is the day with the highest demand. By selecting a Friday, you may be able to get a deal on everything from catering to flowers as vendors look to offer deals to attract more business on slower days.

Make the Most of Your Wedding Weekend

Part of what makes weddings so special is that you get to bring together all your favorite people to celebrate. Friends and family come from all over the country, but with such a whirlwind of activity, it can be difficult to spend quality time with all your guests. Following a Saturday wedding, your guests are usually packing up and heading home less than 24 hours after your wedding. 

You’ve hand-picked your guest list and invited all the people who mean the most to you–why not spend a little more time partying with them? Hosting a Friday wedding means that you can spend the rest of the weekend visiting with your guests, catching up with old friends, and truly celebrating the occasion. 

A Friday wedding can give you an extra day to relax after a wonderful (but busy) wedding day. Whether you spend the extra day with family and friends or your new spouse, you’ll probably enjoy having an extra day to unwind. Or you can unwind on a beach somewhere by starting your honeymoon one day earlier!

Better Vendor Availability

At some venues, you need to book your wedding at least a year ahead of time, which can make it difficult to reserve the date you want. Instead, you could end up having to compromise on the venue or get married on a date that may be a few weeks away from your top choice.

With a Friday wedding date, there will be likely better venue availability so you can get the weekend that you want as well as your favorite venue. Other vendors, such as DJs and photographers, may also have better availability on Fridays, as well!

At the Rand-Bryan House, we offer weekend dates to accommodate your schedule and allow you to plan the wedding of your dreams. If you have always wanted a beautiful outdoor wedding with picturesque views and a charming and elegant farm-style venue, we have the location for you. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a Friday wedding and reserve your date.