Sparkler exits for the bride & groom

Sparker exits create a bright & festive end to a wedding reception and provide a great photo opp! At the Rand-Bryan House, we have the perfect spot as the newlyweds exit our main door onto the front porch, then walk down the sidewalk with their friends and family lining the aisle, waving their sparklers. If you are choosing sparkers for your send-off, look online for those that are at least 20 inches long.  Standard sized ones just aren’t long enough to sparkle as long as you need for that dazzling get-away!

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Vintage weddings

Vintage weddings are really popular and it’s looking like this trend will continue for a while. While browsing Pinterest and other social media, brides get ideas for their decorations and yet create their own unique looks for their special day. Vintage decor can be budget friendly while still being interesting and attractive.  Here’s a few shots of some vintage decorations at some recent Rand-Bryan House wedding celebrations.

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Fall Weddings in NC

October is giving June some strong competition as a favorite wedding month, especially in North Carolina.  It’s not surprising, given the delightful weather—not cold, not hot, not humid.  The bold colors of fall are so pretty for indoor and outdoor decorating. The bright golds, oranges, reds and purples also can be used with linens, dishes & glassware as well as the wedding cake.  Many of our brides add pumpkins and mums as fall accents.  We even had one October wedding with a “state fair” theme, complete with funnel cakes! As you think about your fall wedding for 2015 or 2016, check out some scenes from other October weddings at the Rand-Bryan House.

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Wedding arbors – A focal point for your ceremony

Many couples choose a structure for the focal point at their ceremony. There are all types of materials so, whether you like a natural look or a bright white, you can find an arbor to suit you.  There are options for adding flowers or greenery to some arbors.  We’ve seen structures made just for the bride & groom; then, they can have it for their yard at their new home—how special! Others rent an arbor or get one from their florist. Here are some pretty examples to inspire you! The first one was made by the bride’s father and the second was crafted by the groom and his father!

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Choose your Raleigh area caterer

One of the attractions to our property (in addition to its beauty) is the flexibility to choose your vendors. This is especially important with caterers.  There are lots of options for serving your guests—brunch, hors d’oeuvres, formal plated meal, buffet or a BBQ.  When you have the opportunity to select your caterer, you can choose the menu, pricing and service that works for you. We are happy to provide recommendations for caterers who have been at our venue multiple times and done a good job but, ultimately the choice is yours!




A bridal parlor that’s picture perfect!

A special part of your wedding day photography will be in the bride’s dressing room. Our bride’s parlor provides a pretty setting with attractive furniture, mirrors and beautiful lighting. Recently, after photographing a wedding at the Rand-Bryan House house, Ryan Midgett Photography blogged about how important this is. When Jocelyn described the ideal room, she pretty much described our venue—” a beautiful room to get dressed in with an attached bathroom, lovely tall windows to allow for plenty of natural light, carpet that is a neutral color or better yet hard wood, a full length mirror, beautiful furniture, and plenty of room for you and your bridesmaids various bags and champagne”.

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Farm weddings

The popularity of farm weddings draws lots of couples to the Rand-Bryan House. We offer the relaxed atmosphere & natural beauty you may be seeking but also elegance and convenience to make your day special. Our 175 acre farm provides lots of great photo opportunities on our grounds, near our barns, among our Christmas trees and in our grassy fields.

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Wedding plans with your Valentine?

It’s been icy and white at the Rand-Bryan House this winter. As it is warming up, we’re looking ahead to all those beautiful days when our house and grounds will be busy with weddings and receptions. Whether you are already engaged or proposing on Valentine’s Day or some day soon, we hope you’ll consider us for your wedding celebration. Learn more about us on this blog and other pages of our website or on Pinterest and Facebook.

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Seasons Greetings from the Rand-Bryan House! It’s “engagement season” too!

The Rand-Bryan House is full of the holiday spirit, hosting lots of wedding festivities as well as Christmas parties. Since December is “engagement season” with around 16% of engagements happening this month, we are enjoying meeting many of you who are just starting your wedding planning. We invite these newly engaged couples to research us on our website, on Facebook, on Pinterest and on Wedding Wire. Give us a call or send an email for more information or to arrange a visit. You can also talk with us at the Wedding Show on January 4-5. Click here for more details on the show:

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