Should You Consider a Friday Wedding?

Traditionally, Saturday weddings have been the standard, but more and more couples are realizing the benefits of holding their wedding on a Friday. While this might be slightly unconventional, celebrating your wedding on a Friday comes with some practical perks that make it worth breaking tradition. Learn more about why you should consider a Friday wedding:

Save Money

Wedding venues and vendors often charge a premium for Saturday services because it is the day with the highest demand. By selecting a Friday, you may be able to get a deal on everything from catering to flowers as vendors look to offer deals to attract more business on slower days.

Make the Most of Your Wedding Weekend

Part of what makes weddings so special is that you get to bring together all your favorite people to celebrate. Friends and family come from all over the country, but with such a whirlwind of activity, it can be difficult to spend quality time with all your guests. Following a Saturday wedding, your guests are usually packing up and heading home less than 24 hours after your wedding. 

You’ve hand-picked your guest list and invited all the people who mean the most to you–why not spend a little more time partying with them? Hosting a Friday wedding means that you can spend the rest of the weekend visiting with your guests, catching up with old friends, and truly celebrating the occasion. 

A Friday wedding can give you an extra day to relax after a wonderful (but busy) wedding day. Whether you spend the extra day with family and friends or your new spouse, you’ll probably enjoy having an extra day to unwind. Or you can unwind on a beach somewhere by starting your honeymoon one day earlier!

Better Vendor Availability

At some venues, you need to book your wedding at least a year ahead of time, which can make it difficult to reserve the date you want. Instead, you could end up having to compromise on the venue or get married on a date that may be a few weeks away from your top choice.

With a Friday wedding date, there will be likely better venue availability so you can get the weekend that you want as well as your favorite venue. Other vendors, such as DJs and photographers, may also have better availability on Fridays, as well!

At the Rand-Bryan House, we offer weekend dates to accommodate your schedule and allow you to plan the wedding of your dreams. If you have always wanted a beautiful outdoor wedding with picturesque views and a charming and elegant farm-style venue, we have the location for you. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a Friday wedding and reserve your date. 

RBH Wedding Packages: How To Simplify Your Planning

Starting a new year and a new wedding season is always exciting! Toward the end of last year, we did some reflecting and decided to revamp some of our services to offer additional wedding packages so that we can better help you! We are thrilled about these new options at the Rand-Bryan House and think you will be, too. Here’s why:

Streamline preparation by grouping items

Almost 10 years of experience in the wedding industry has taught us that the first few vendors you look at can be very exciting and a little overwhelming. When you start researching options, you hear countless questions: When do you want to get married? Where do you want to get married? What kind of food would you like? Will the meal be plated or buffet-style? Will you use china and glassware or disposables? There are so many decisions to make and each choice will likely influence other choices.

You may be a do-it-yourself couple who plans to borrow some white tablecloths from a friend, make your own centerpieces, and get a family member to cook up some barbecue…or you may want to let a vendor arrange every last detail for you. There are so many options that it can make your head spin!

We can’t answer all those questions because each couple has their own opinions and priorities–that’s the beauty of seeing each couple’s unique vision come to life! But we CAN help simplify the process and take a few things off of your plate (whether that plate is a functional, sturdy disposable one or a fancy china plate complete with a charger).

rustic wedding package place settings with light blue and wooden accents

Packages give you peace of mind

At the Rand-Bryan House we now offer wedding packages that include various combinations of items such as tables, chairs, tablecloths, and plates/flatware/glassware. When you arrive on your wedding day, setup of items will be complete. You won’t have to lift a finger or wonder when the rental company is stopping by to drop off your specialty chairs or beautiful table overlays. Setup time varies quite a bit based on the complexity of the decorations and place settings as well as the number of people involved in the decorating process. If you choose a package in which the bulk of your setup is done by vendors, then you and your close family and friends are free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process of getting ready for the ceremony!

While you and your wedding party are getting ready, we will be working behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The Rand-Bryan House staff will help coordinate arrival of vendors such as your caterer, DJ, florist, etc. and make sure each vendor is aware of the floor plan you would like for your wedding and/or reception. We work with the fabulous DeeJay’s Rentals to ensure that your vision comes to life with personalized rentals that are set up in a timely manner.

wedding package place settings with cobalt napkins and ivory chargers

Make planning easier without losing flexibility

At the Rand-Bryan House, we’ve always valued flexibility and we strive to create an experience that reflects that belief. We want you to be able to create an event that is personal and really embodies your style as a couple. We absolutely love seeing the different ways people use our space! White chairs with pops of colorful flowers can create a completely different vibe than wooden chairs with greenery. We knew that having a “one size fits all” options for chairs, linens, and dishes would not be true to our values. We kept this in mind when designing our wedding packages and chose to partner with DeeJay’s Event Rentals so that you are able to choose from all of the wonderful options they offer.

wedding package place setting with gold chargers and rose goblets

We’d love to hear about your wedding vision and talk about how we can tailor a package to make that vision a reality! Let us help you with the logistics so you can enjoy the wedding planning process. Curious about creating a personalized package for your wedding day? Contact us to find out more!

Rain on your wedding day? 5 tips to save the day.

How do you plan in case of rain on your wedding day? From March through mid-November, most of our couples choose to have outdoor weddings.  Our manicured grounds with colorful trees, shrubs and flowers set the stage for a beautiful outdoor ceremony and are surrounded by rolling hills of green grass and large evergreens.

When you plan on an outdoor ceremony at your wedding venue, you always need a “wedding rain plan”! At the Rand-Bryan House, you have 2 options:

  • As long as you have no more than approximately 100 guests, our sunroom provides a gorgeous alternative in case of rain on your wedding day. With the floor to ceiling windows, your indoor ceremony still looks out over the grounds so you almost feel you are outside (without the unpleasant weather elements).
  • For larger events, tents become the back up plan.

This past spring and summer, with quite a few damp and dreary days, resulted in several rain plans. See how pretty it can still be? Rain on your wedding day

If you are planning ahead for a 2019 outdoor wedding, we’ll review a plan for rain on your wedding day just in case it’s needed.  Here’s 5 quick tips to reduce weather-related stress:

  1. Develop an alternate location for your outdoor ceremony in case of rain.
  2. Choose decorations that will work well in primary and secondary ceremony locations (i.e., an arbor that can be set up outside or inside).
  3. Review alternative plans with vendors so everyone understands both plans and how they are impacted.
  4. Determine responsibilities for rain plan logistics (i.e., venue staff or caterer move tables and chairs between ceremony and reception).
  5. Buy some fun umbrellas! You’ll definitely want some outdoor photos in the rain.


Ceremony on Rand-Bryan House front lawn

Sunshine on Ashley & Courtney’s outdoor ceremony

With bright sunshine warming the grounds of the Rand-Bryan House most of the day on this April Saturday, late afternoon heat brought on a brief shower just before wedding time for Ashley & Courtney.  Not to worry…..chairs toweled off and ready to go in time for “here comes the bride”!  Nature wasn’t done yet as she offered a rainbow and a bald eagle in flight during the outdoor ceremony.  A delightful cocktail hour followed as guests enjoyed the porch and grounds for drinks and hors d’oeuvres with string music in the background from Save the Date Music.  Catering by Design’s dishes beckoned guests inside for a delicious buffet dinner with dancing, cake and fellowship to follow. Wishing the new Mr. & Mrs. Evans lots of happiness!

Outdoor wedding ceremony & brunch reception on the perfect spring day for Theresa & Steve

We still have some ideal spring wedding dates open for 2017 and are enjoying meeting with couples planning their special days.  Hope all of them get a day like this one earlier this year! A late Sunday morning outdoor ceremony, mimosas on the porch, a delightful brunch reception by Unforgettable Food Affairs and kids of all ages enjoying the grounds—–it was the perfect day for Theresa & Steve’s wedding at the Rand-Bryan House.  Late April provided ideal temperatures for hanging out on the gorgeous grounds at our wedding venue surrounded by rolling green pastures and evergreens.  The bride’s talented sister-in-law led the plan for the elegant shabby chic decor which suited the historic farmhouse setting.  There were lots of special touches to make this event enjoyable for all, including a kids’ activity table on the front lawn.  The bride’s friend & officiant, Stephanie Shaffer, added another special, personal touch as she performed the ceremony. This was a beautiful start to what we hope will be a beautiful marriage!

Shabby Chic outdoor wedding for Samantha & Drew



Wedding festivities for Samantha & Drew started at the Rand-Bryan House with their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for their wedding party and family. The rehearsing was pretty quick so everyone could enjoy drinks followed by a casual cookout with some cornhole on the side.  Thankfully, on the wedding day, the rain showers we were hoping to avoid stayed away so everyone could enjoy the outdoor ceremony under blue skies.  After cocktails and yard games on the lawn, the guests were invited into the house for a delicious southern buffet catered by Backyard Bistro.  The historic country home was the perfect setting for the shabby chic decor that the bride had been crafting for months.  An evening of dancing and fun (including a visit from Mr. & Ms. Wuf) ended with a bubble exit and the newlyweds were off to their new life. We loved having you at the Rand-Bryan House, Mr. & Mrs. Gay!  Thanks for sharing pictures by Tee Wayne Photography.

Rashida & Malcolm’s rainy/lucky day wedding


This spring’s weather has required more than the usual amount of contingency planning.  With a strong rain forecast, Rashida & Malcolm and their planner, Jocelyn with A Paradigm Shift Events, decided on a tent for their outdoor ceremony.  On a day that saw showers on and off, it was never wet at the critical times—dry for the ceremony, the cocktail hour and for the sparkler departure. Some sprinkles during the indoor reception didn’t interfere with the fun. Sometimes gray days provide the backdrop for the colors to shine and that was the case on this day.  The bright greens, blues and purples of the wedding party attire, the flowers by Fallon’s, linens  and the surrounding landscape all blended for a beautiful visual inside and out!  After cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the porch and lawn, guests were delighted to find City BBQ  and their buffet inside.  A great day culminated with dancing to the always entertaining Jason of Styus SE and a sparkler exit.  Rashida & Malcolm, we’re hoping that it’s true for you that rainy wedding days bring good luck! Thanks to One Vision Photography for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!

Bride & Groom at Rand-bryan House

Colorful & festive outdoor wedding blends cultures for Nandini & Favian


We love sharing our venue with clients and guests from many different backgrounds.  It’s always such fun to see them honor the traditions of their native countries as the bride and groom bring their friends & families together.  After last weekend’s celebration representing the customs of Nigeria and Peru, we’ve been thinking back to a special wedding day on May 1. After lots of contingency planning for rain that was anticipated, Nandini & Favian got the break they hoped for and had their outdoor ceremony under blue skies.  Once the vows were said, the guests enjoyed cocktails on the grounds and then made their way to the tented reception for dinner and dancing. This celebration blended the cultures of both families with traditions, attire, menus and music from Mexico and India and was a fun-filled evening for all.  We’re wishing these newlyweds lots of happiness!

Sarah & David’s indoor wedding

Once again this past weekend, the forecast threatened rain for our wedding festivities.  As we planned, I reflected back on a wonderful “rain plan” wedding this spring for Sarah & David. They took advantage of Cinco de Mayo falling on the day before their wedding to begin their festivities at the Rand-Bryan House. After their wedding party rehearsed, everyone enjoyed appropriate food and beverages for their rehearsal dinner to celebrate the occasion (check out the colorful pictures of this fun evening).  With rain in the forecast, the decision was made to plan on an indoor wedding and reception and the wedding party and family did part of their set up that evening so there would be less to do on the wedding day. The arbor, made by the groom for their ceremony, was just as pretty at the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Rand-Bryan House sunroom as it would have been on the lawn.  The wedding day brought showers off and on with enough dry times to get wedding party pictures done on the grounds. Though it was pouring rain as guests arrived, a bright ray of sunshine managed to shine through the window on the bride & groom as they were saying their vows! The transition to the indoor reception went smoothly as tables were set and decorated in the colorful rustic decor that the bride had crafted while guests enjoyed cocktail hour on the porch.  A BBQ  buffet was a hit with the guests, followed by an evening of dancing and celebrating.  Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. White as they begin their married life!

“First day of spring” wedding blends families for Todd & Jo Ann


Those early spring days seem long ago as we flirt with 100 degree June temps but we are enjoying looking back as we catch up on blogging our spring weddings. It was a dreary first day of spring but Jo Ann & her friends and family had planned a day that would be warm, colorful & full of love!  Bright coral decorations splashed against a white and silver background “popped” on this cloudy March day and the wedding party carried out the color scheme with coral against black & white.  It was definitely a day filled with love as all gathered to support Todd & Jo Ann as they blended their families. We wish them many days of married bliss!